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Spotify is a music podcast and video streaming service which has an access to millions of your favorite songs from old songs to the latest songs. Spotify was first launched on 7 October 2008. The developers of Spotify are Startup Spotify AB from Stockholm, Sweden. The company AB was founded by Daniel EK. Spotify Web player has protected content ( digital rights management ) from record labels and media management ). Spotify Premium Free is a service which is provided by Spotify without any charges, this is known as Spotify Freemium service. In Spotify freemium basic features are provided free but the additional features are only available on paid subscriptions.

Spotify web Player is available in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Asia. Spotify APK and Spotify web player is available for all platforms like Windows, Linux Mac OS computers, Android, Apple IOS and windows phone and tablets. You can browse or search music through various parameters like albums, song, artist, genre, playlist etc. Spotify provides a feature of sharing your songs playlist and tracks on social media or making playlist with other users . Spotify has an access to more than 30 billion of songs . Before starting playing or using Spotify you need to make an access to Spotify login with proper details.

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The royalty pays by Spotify is based on a number of times the artist stream from the total no. of songs streamed on service, unlike Spotify physical or Spotify download sales which pay a fixed price to the artist per song or the album load. Spotify premium services allow artists to make new album release which is available for 2 weeks only on Spotify premium if they are part of the universal music group and merlin networks.

Basically, it operates under premium model i.e , Spotify premium free structure which allows the basic features of Spotify to be used free and the additional feature can be used in Spotify premium based on paid services.


The revenue earned by spotify is by selling premium. Streaming subscription for users and advertising placement to third parties. The company launches a new website. Specially for artists named as. Spotify for artists which give complete information about its business model and revenue data. Spotify encourages its users to get paid subscription as this is the main revenue source of Spotify. The subscriptions in benefit to users remove the ads and limits, they increase song bitrates to 320 kbit/s . According to claims a “ Spotify Premium customer spends 1.6 * more per year as compared to the spending of US music consumer and the Spotify, the customer is 1.6 * more financially stable then non-Spotify US music consumer” stated in a claim by spotify.

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Spotify Web Player Information

Spotify is offering basically three types of subscriptions which offer unlimited listening –

1 – Spotify Free : The subscription is free i.e , you need not pay for using Spotify . Spotify free gives you below mentioned features –

  • Spotify free includes ads within it.
  • The listening in Spotify is free and with limited access.
  • Spotify free does not provide good sound quality of songs.In spotify free, there is no function of listening offline songs.
  • In spotify free, there is no function of listening offline songs.

2 – Spotify Premium: This subscription is paid for users, the payable amount varies from country to country for activating this service. The features of Spotify Premium are –

  • Spotify premium is free of ads i.e , it does not contain irritating ads in it.
  • You are able to listen to unlimited songs by using this feature.
  • It has a great enhanced sound quality of songs.
  • You can also listen to offline songs by using it.

3 – Spotify Family: This subscription is almost same as to the Spotify Premium. The features of Spotify Premium are –

  • In Spotify family there are no advertisements in it.
  • The offline download feature for songs is available.
  • The sound quality is very good.
  • This feature is available for mobile listeners.
  • Spotify family subscription can connect 6 family members with a single access.
  • This feature gives a shared connection to family members in low prices .
  • All of the members should be from the same country with the same address on Id proof.

4 – Spotify student: Spotify introduces the discount for students on Spotify Premium subscription. The students of US who enrolled in the university are able to pay half of the amount of the Spotify Premium subscription.

Spotify offers music download feature in UK, France, and Spain which started in March, users were also able to purchase the tracks from Spotify but now the facility is not available anymore. As we told earlier that Spotify has apps available for all platforms like Android, Windows, Apple IOS, Mac OS tablets etc . Spotify Connect allows users to listen to music through a wide range of entertainment systems like speakers, receivers, TV, cars etc . Spotify web player is for those users who are not able or want to download any app.

Spotify web player does not have the ability to download music or listening offline as it is available on Spotify app.

Features of Spotify Web Player


Application Version
Android Requirement 4+
Installations 1000,000,000+
Categories Music
Price Free of Cost
Developer Spotify Limited
Last Update 2nd September 2017

1 – On Spotify app music can be searched or browsed by using parameters like artist, album, song, genre, playlist etc.

2 – Users are able to create, edit or share playlists and soundtracks on social media.

3 – You are also allowed to make the playlist with other users.

4 – Spotify has an access over than 30 million new and old songs.

5 – There are three sections or tabs which were introduced by Spotify.

  • Follow tabs – This tab lets you follow artists and friends to see what they are listening and what is new.
  • Discover tabs – This tab allows the users to let them know about the new releases from their favorite artists based on the users listening history.
  • Collection section – This section allows users to add the tracks and a specific playlist of their interest.

These all features were introduced by CEO Daniel EK at a press conference.

6 – The playlist of Spotify gets updated regularly on every Friday and can be maximum up to 2 hours of length.

7 – The new feature of Spotify is a daily mix in which your favorite songs/tracks gets the mix.

8 – New users of Spotify are able to access daily mix after using Spotify at least for 2 weeks.

  • Spotify players use DRM ( Digital Rights Management ) protection, it is a proprietary.
  • The terms and condition of Spotify do not allow Spotify users to reverse engineer application.
  • Streams present in Spotify are in 96 kbit/s “Ogg vorbis” media format for normal quality on mobile, 16 kbit / s for high quality on mobile and 320 kbit / s for extreme quality on mobile. High quality on desktop computers is only available for premium subscribers.
  • Extreme quality is not available in Spotify web player.
  • Spotify allows users to add local audio files for music. Spotify web player allows users to sync music files from Spotify mobile apps or on other computers by using same Wi-Fi network as of the computer which is creating a Spotify playlist and adding those local files to the playlist.

Audio files must be in mp3, mp4 or mp4 media formats for creating a playlist . This feature is only available for the Spotify Premium subscribers. In starting the Spotify desktop users were allowed to listen to music from one of these three sources –

  • First source is cached files.
  • The Second source is one of the Spotify servers.
  • Third source is from other subscribers through P 2 P system.

Note: P2P system is known as Peer to Peer system . P2P is a well-established internet distribution system which served as an alternative which reduces Spotify’s server resources and costs.

  • This P 2 P technology has helped users to enjoy their music with a high speed and seamlessly.
  • Spotify has a six-month free ad trial period in which users are allowed to listen to the unlimited amount of songs. The Spotify app provides features such as synchronized lyrics, music reviews, and song recommendations.

Spotify premium APK

Spotify has an app feature known as Spotify app which has several interesting features in it for listening and streaming your favorite song. Most of the used feature of Spotify is premium feature known as Spotify premium APK. In this feature of Spotify premium, the users get paid subscription of this feature in which the will get high-quality songs, access to download and listening songs . You wil get rid of the unwanted ads in this Spotify premium APK. This app is the most used app from Spotify series.

Spotify also has an extension feature. you not only need to download or install Spotify app for using it but instead of downloading you can also get the spotify web extension on your Chrome web browser and enjoy the music streaming on Spotify live . Spotify gives you all of the latest songs on your browsers free of cost .You do not need to pay any amount for listening streaming songs on spotify web from your chrome browser . As you are aware that Spotify web extension only works over the chrome browser other browsers does not support this extension feature, for enjoying spotify extension feature you first of all need to install chrome web browser to your desktop .

Spotify has released a new web API which allows the third-party developers to integrate spotify content in their own web applications. Spotify is planning to launch in the stock market in the year 2017 but planning on doing IPO in 2018 to build up a better balance sheet and working on shifting its business model to improve its margins. Spotify will be going to release some of its new albums in its premium tier .

The Spotify Lyrics feature in Spotify app allows you to look over the lyrics of the song on your device screen.  Spotify Lyrics feature in starting was not available for desktop and was only enabled on Android phone and Apple IOS. Spotify Lyrics feature is only available for spotify premium subscribed users.

As you all are aware that Spotify is available on all platforms but sometimes behind Spotify gets an error in downloading on windows Window 10 . This installing error is known as spotify error code 18 . After uninstalling the Spotify from your desktop, if you reinstall Spotify after some time on your desktop you might go to face this error code 18 , but in nowadays this error code has been resolved and fixed.

The latest APK Spotifyify music is version v8.4.19.792 for android which has a file size of approx 36.27 MB . Spotify player is a great app, extension available for Android, Apple IOS, Windows 7 / 8 / xp / 10 , Mac OS users for listening to their favorite songs and tracks online by streaming your favorite song available on Spotify. So what are you waiting for go on Spotify and search for your favorite music, enjoy it in high quality with free of ads by using the premium feature.