Get Spotify++ Download for Free on iOS 10 [LATEST]*

Spotify is a largest music streaming service or app available for music lovers. It provides the ability to listen to almost any song without even downloading them or paying for listening or downloading song individually, Spotify is a very useful service for the music listeners and in a huge demand and popularity. When you use Spotify in it’s free subscription it has very limited features but by paying the monthly subscription fee you can easily get an access to its premium feature which will give you a lot of feature like skipping songs, listening songs without any advertisement all over it will give you a better experience of listening . Here is the new version of Spotify which is spotify++ and I will tell you how to get Spotify++ on your device.

Spotify ++ allows you to know that how to get the Spotify premium free feature on your iPhone, I pad or Ipod. This version is especially for the apple users without facing any jailbreak problem in their device. In Spotify ++ you will get all of the premium features of Spotify like unlimited skips to songs , no ads , high quality of streaming songs and much more . The only feature which is not available in spotify ++ is that you can not download songs to the offline mode . The best part of this feature is that it is free of cost means you need not to spend anything for it . Today in this guide we will be going to tell you that how can you Spotify ++ download or install on your I phone OS 10 .

Requirements for download Spotify ++

1 . You should have an iPhone, iPad or iPod running on iOS 10 .

2 . You should have an established internet connection on your Apple device .

3 . There is no requirement of computer for this download you can perform it directly on your mobile .

4 . Here you will know how to get Spotify premium free on iphone no jailbreak.

5 . Latest version of Spotify is

6 . File size of this APK is 89.56 MB for the latest version and 85 MB for the older version .

Features of Spotify ++

1 . The users of Spotify ++ can enjoy the best sound quality and performance while streaming songs .

2 . It will play your desired and favorite song without any download.

3 . This Spotify ++ is totally free from disturbing advertisements.

4 . In Spotify ++ you are allowed to skip as many songs you do not want to listen .

5 . You are able to share your liked songs to your favorite or loved ones .

6 . You will find out that spotify ++ discovers weekly with the latest music files and songs adding to it .

How to download Spotify ++ to your Apple device

You can download Spotify++ ios by using Tutu app or Spotify tweak iOS 10 box app.

Step – 1 : First of all go to the below-mentioned link.

Step – 2 : After clicking on the link a window will appear, here you will see the option of download . Click on it and wait till the downloading gets completed.

After it you need to access and tap to the install Tutu helper option. You can find this app on Apple store .

How to install Spotify ++ on your Apple device

We have already downloaded the Tutu app which will help us in getting Spotify ++ . Let us know that how we can install the Spotify ++ on our apple device operating on iOS 10 . Just follow the below provided steps to install Spotify ++

Step – 1 : First of all you need to ensure that the Tutu app has been successfully installed on your device by the process provided above .

Step – 2 : Now , minimize the install page of the app and you have to make ensure that tutu helper has been launched successfully on your device . After it you have to finally click on the trust option twice to make sure that you have trusted it .

Step – 3 : Now after trusting it you have to open the Tutu helper on your Apple iOS 10 and you shave to swipe left to right on the screen for starting the features . You will see an option of start now . Click on it then go to the main menu option on the screen .

Step – 4 : Next , in this app you will be going to find a search box or bar at the top of the screen of your device , in that search bar you have to enter your favorite Spotify ++ app and then click on the search icon for searching the app .

Step – 5 : After getting the searched results you will find the spotify ++ app icon at the top . You can directly download it from there .

Step – 6 : After the page gets loaded you have to tap on the ” get it free ” option which will be shown in green color box at the bottom of the download page .

Step – 7 : Sometimes , when you click on the download option an advertisement may appear on the screen you can remove these advertisement by clicking on the cross mark present on your screen . After crossing or removing the advertisement section the downloading will get started with the help of tutu helper .

Step – 8 : Now, wait till the downloading gets completed you will find a dialogue box asking for the installation from you . It will ask you to install or not . You have agree and proceed for installing the app . Then , it will get start installing like every normal app from your app store .

Step – 9 : When the Spotify ++ app gets installed completely you should not open it immediately . If you try it to open you will not be able to open it due to some untrusted enterprises developer error .

Note : Now , you have to solve this error. For solving this error first of all open settings in the Spotify ++ web browser app and then go to the general option. Now , scroll and find out the option of device management . Next you have to tap on the trust untill the app gets opened . Finally you have successfully get the Spotify ++ on your Apple device and can enjoy the premium features of Spotify app free without spending any money on purchasing . The popularity of Spotify ++ is increasing day by day due to its special and uniques features which are available free of cost to you.

How to install spotify ++ by using Cydia Impactor ( For Mac )

There is another method of installing spotify ++ on your apple device by using Cydia impactor tool . We will be going to know that how we can download and install the spotify ++ with help of Cydia impactor . Follow the below mentioned steps for downloading –

Step – 1 : First of all you have to download the Cydia impactor on your apple iOS 10 device on your Mac .

Step2 : After getting the cydia impactor tool you have to download the Spotify ++ IPA file . You can also follow the below mentioned link for downloading IPA file of spotify ++!lE5VQTYC!rM-gnfunCOCbOdPEN9GKyHhX0ZSIGmKjVTZCaJu5qUc

Step – 3 : Now , you have to install the Cydia impactor tool on your device and then open it after installing .

Step – 4 : In this tool you have to simply drag your Spotify ++ IPA file .

Step – 5 : After dragging your file in Cydia Impactor tool you will be asked to log in with your apple id for signing in the app.

Step – 6 : You have to use your log in details to sign in for getting the Spotify ++ on your Apple device.

Step – 7 : Now, go to the home screen of your device. Here you will find the Spotify Premium free ios installation process.

Step – 8 : When you try to open the downloaded app you will be going to face the same error as you faced in downloading spotify ++ to your iPhone. You can solve this error by following the same method or procedure as you did above.

So , finally in this guide we told you about the Spotify web and Spotify ++ . We provide you the completed installation and download Spotify ++ for iOS. You can get this app without any jailbreak problem . The best part of this apk is tat you need not to spend any money and you an get all of the premium features of Spotify in it . So , it is becoming the most preferred and popular music streaming app for the music lovers . By following the above mentioned steps you will not be going to face any problem in downloading or installing the Spotify ++ on your Apple iOS 10 , but still if any problem persist in front of you then , you can easily contact us we will be here to solve your problem and answering your queries. So , what are you waiting for just download this awesome music streaming app absolutely free on your iOS device. Enjoy the pleasant music and your favorite songs on it .