How To Change Password Of Spotify Account

Changing or resetting your Spotify password is easy, even if your Spotify account has been locked by mistake or if you want to change your Spotify password to something more secure.

Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service, with more than 113 million subscribers since October last year; Some of that thunder comes from the availability of free subscription signup, allowing you to listen to music for free every month (or annoying ads). That interrupts your music). We have Shared spotify premium apk

To remove these ads and access other features, you need to sign up for a paid Spotify premium account; Unfortunately, these accounts can be vulnerable to hackers who don’t want to pay for their subscriptions.

Since Spotify only allows streaming from one device at a time, whenever the hacker on your Account is playing a song, your music stops immediately. This can lead to a surprisingly irritating tug of war between you and the criminal, as well as changing your musical preferences from the criminal’s preferences.

That is why it is important to constantly change your Spotify password, making sure that it is difficult to guess and that it has not been used in any of your applications or accounts.

How to change your Spotify password

To change the password for your Spotify account, you need to visit the Spotify site in your browser. You cannot change your password on the Spotify mobile or desktop apps.

Visit the Spotify Accounts page to get started. You can easily open this page by clicking on your profile icon at the top right of the Spotify application and selecting Account.

What you see here depends on how you created your Spotify account. Once you have made it with your unique email address and password, you will see a password change tab on the left sidebar. Click here to change your Spotify password; you will need to enter your new and new password as usual.

We recommend using a password manager to create and store a strong password that you should not remember. That way, your Account has excellent security.

Change your Spotify password using Facebook.

If you created your Spotify account using Facebook (which was necessary when Spotify was new), you would not see the option to change your password on the Spotify account page. Because you are logging in with Facebook, you will need to change your Facebook password to change the password you use for Spotify correctly.

If you ever lose access to a Facebook account that you used for Spotify, find out how to get your Facebook account back.

How to use Spotify device passwords

If your Spotify account is set up through Facebook, you will see a tab called Set a device password on your Spotify account page. This allows you to choose the different passwords required to use Spotify on other devices, such as streaming and game consoles.

On this tab, click Send Email to set a password, and you will receive an email at the address associated with your Account. Follow this to set a password that you can use to log in to Spotify on devices that don’t support Facebook login.

Along with this password, you will need the Spotify username provided on this page to log in. In most cases, for people who have signed up for Facebook, this username will be a part of random numbers. Therefore, it is a good idea to save your username in the password manager to not have to memorize it.

This password works on more devices that can log in with Facebook. If you want, you can use that username and password combination to log in to Spotify in your browser and anywhere else too.

However, you should not activate your Facebook account if you have used it to sign up for Spotify. Spotify does not offer a legal solution to delete your Facebook account in these cases, other than deleting your Spotify account and creating a new one with an email address.

Resetting your Spotify password

Additionally, we discuss what to do if you know your Spotify password and want to change it. However, Spotify also has a tool to reset your password if you don’t remember it.

Go to the Spotify password reset page for help. Enter your username or email address associated with your Account, and Spotify will send you an email with instructions on how to set a new password.

Passwords ideas 

It is always good to use a password that you don’t use in other applications; After all, if one Account is compromised, you don’t want a hacker to have access to all of your other accounts because the login details are the same.

If you are concerned about remembering many different details, the best password managers will do it for you, and many will come with password generators, giving you a strong password.

When deciding whether to choose your password, be sure to use a combination of numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters to make it harder to guess. Punctuation as ‘!’ o ‘%’ must also be installed.

You can set the authenticity of two Spotify items, but only if you have linked your Facebook account. (Photo credit: TechRadar)

What about two-factor authentication?

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t offer two-factor authentication, which includes another layer of security for your online accounts.

However, when you log in to Spotify through Facebook, you can set an ‘App Passwords,’ which creates a one-time password every time you access your Facebook account with a third-party service like Spotify.

To do this, go to your Facebook account, then go to Settings> Security & Login> App Passwords> Create App Passwords.

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