How Can We Spotify Apple Music’s 50% Off Student Discount?

SPOTIFY is a very popular name among the music streaming lovers now across the world now. SPOTIFY is basically a digital or an online medium of streaming the music which includes both the audio and video and the podcasts as well. SPOTIFY offers a very wide music media streaming content in the millions of the songs across the world from the different-different cultures.

Just like any other medium or the platform of media streaming SPOTIFY offers its services both at the free and at the premium subscription charges which is approx $10 per month.

Can You Get a Student Discount on Apple Music?

The free media streaming capabilities from the SPOTIFY include the advertisement, and also misses out on the music quality and the certain features. The premium subscription offers an advertisement free media streaming to the users which includes some of the best-advanced features.

On the other hand, there is Apple’s iTunes which is another famous online media streaming source for the Apple users. There is one special thing with Apple music and that is its discount policy.

Yes, Apple offers 50% of the discount offer to the students who are studying in the colleges and pursuing their graduation. Initially, this 50% student discount policy was offered to the United States but later it was extended to the many other countries.

Does Apple Music have a Student Discount?

So, the concern of this article is to answer the question of the users who are asking that whether the SPOTIFY should match the 50% students discount policy of the Apple music (iTunes). Well Guys SPOTIFY is already in that zone means the SPOTIFY is always offering the 50% discount policy to the student who is pursuing their graduation.

SPOTIFY also offered this discount policy first only in the United States but presently this discount offer from the SPOTIFY is being extended to other countries as well. Hence it is important for the users to know that SPOTIFY is already offering the same 50% student discount policy just like Apple.

SPOTIFY is presently benefiting a large number of students from its 50% students discounts policy than the Apple since the iTunes music is only available for the Apple’s users while the SPOTIFY is a universal platform and is available for every user out there.

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