No Spotify Student Discount For Studying Outside Of The US?

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Are you a big fan of music and still unable to find a place on which you get satisfaction according to your search and need and for your favourite one then, we are here with you and we really love to help you with Spotify. As this application is only for the music lovers.

You can simply download this Spotify music application that is for online and offline music. As it is an open source you can freely sign up on this application.

So answer to this question is like it doesn’t make any sense to avail Spotify premium discount that is only made to the student studying in the United States. But yes you can buy Spotify Premium with your credit card/PayPal ($10 per month). If you have a US account and no US credit card, ask support to change your location to the country of your credit card.

Spotify also expanded this discount policy to other nations also not kept restricted to the United States only. If you are pursuing the graduation and you are a student then you can avail this Spotify discount.

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